Pain & Anxiety-free Dentistry

Dental visits don't have to be stressful.

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Dental pain, anxiety and fear are important factors that prevent patients from seeking dental care. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the pain perception of patients during scaling and its relationship with dental anxiety.Sedation dentists have information available about a variety of drugs known as local anesthetics, which are the safest and most effective drugs in all of medicine. Local anesthetics are a resource used in anxiety-free dentistry for the prevention and management of pain and dental anxiety resulting from dental and surgical procedures, not to put the patient to sleep.

The following are some of the procedures

Place the patient in a reclined position during the injection.

Place a topical anaesthetic (a gel or spray) on the patient’s gums where the injection is to be given. This should remain in contact with tissues for at least one minute.

Use of a distraction technique, such as pulling or shaking the lip as the needle is slowly inserted.

Injecting the local anaesthetic drug slowly. This is critical to a painless injection.

Permitting the local anaesthetic drug time to work. Most local anaesthetics will provide pain control within approximately five minutes after their injection.